The Fullwood Lab combines both wet-lab and dry-lab expertise, and collaborations with clinicians in terms of understanding normal haematopoiesis and leukemia, to promote precision cancer medicine.

Current Lab Members

  1. Dr Deepak Babu [Postdoc]
  2. Dr Zhang Ying [Postdoc]
  3. Mr Yi Xiang See [PhD student]
  4. Ms Lingshi Kong [PhD student]
  5. Ms Kaijing Chen [PhD student]
  6. Ms Ruchi Choudhary [PhD student]
  7. Ms Wee Nih Fam [Lab Executive]

Graduated PhD students:

  1. Dr Cao Fan
  2. Dr Benny Wang
  3. Dr Zhang Ying

Lab Alumni

  1. Dr Sambhavi Animesh
  2. Dr Cai Yichao
  3. Dr Cao Fan
  4. Ms Tng Jia Qi
  5. Ms Lim Mei Chee
  6. Ms Loh Yan Ping
  7. Mr Oscar Luo
  8. Ms Goh Yufen
  9. Dr Nicolas Bertin
  10. Dr Luay Aswad
  11. Dr Sukru Gulluoglu
  12. Ms Jocelyn Choy

Lab Photo Dec 2019

Dec 2019 Lab Photo