The Fullwood Lab combines both wet-lab and dry-lab expertise, and collaborations with clinicians in terms of understanding normal haematopoiesis and leukemia, to promote precision cancer medicine.

Current Lab Members

Post-doctoral fellows:

  1. Dr. Cao Fan
  2. Dr Deepak Babu
  3. Dr Sukru Gulluoglu
  4. Dr Sambhavi

PhD students:

  1. Mr Yi Xiang See
  2. Mr Benny Wang
  3. Ms Lingshi Kong
  4. Mr Yichao Cai (co-supervised student, main supervisor: Prof. Greg Tucker-Kellogg)
  5. Mr Shikhar Saxena (co-supervised student, main supervisor: Prof Mu Yuguang)

Lab executives:

  1. Ms. Goh Yufen (RNA Epigenomics Core)
  2. Ms Wee Nih Fam (RNA Epigenomics Core & Lab)
  3. Ms. Jia Qi Tng (Lab)
  4. Ms. Yan Ping Loh (Lab)

Lab Photo 2019

Lab Photo 2018