Masters, FYP and Interns

We are happy to offer placements for visiting PhD students and internships to students in the School of Biological Sciences, Nanyang Technological University Biomedical Data Science masters program. We are also happy to offer masters projects to self-funded students in the School of Biological Sciences, Nanyang Technological University’s masters program (by research).

Also, we are happy to offer positions to Final Year Project students from School of Biological Sciences, Nanyang Technological University for Final Year Project (FYP) as well as unofficial internships. Our criteria for FYP/internship positions includes the following:

(a) Top priority: Students with experience and expertise in genomic data science. There should be experience/familiarity with a Unix/Linux environment, and understanding of Python and R programming. Extra priority for students with experience with 3D genome organization in cancer.

(b) Second priority: All other NTU students. Extra priority for students who have taken BS3004 (Cancer Biology) and done well in the course, and extra priority for students with higher CAP scores. Extra priority for students with genuine interest in pursuing a PhD with the lab, and likely to graduate with at least a second class upper honors degree (thus indicating potential to be accepted for PhD).

(c) Third priority: All other Singapore-based students.

(d) Fourth priority: All other students.

Visiting PhD student

  • Dao Fuying, 2021-2022

NTU Biomedical Data Science masters internship students trained/in training

  • Chen Yaoding, 2021-2022
  • Li Xinya, 2020-2021

NTU Final Year Project students trained/in training

  • Bertrand Wong Jern Han, FYP 2022
  • Poh Mei Hui, FYP 2022
  • Zhang Zhiyi, FYP 2022
  • Charlotte Koh Tze Jia, FYP 2021
  • Tan Zhi Qing Lycia, FYP 2021
  • Ngiam Jia Jun, FYP 2020
  • Mah Lian Khye, FYP 2019
  • Chia Boon Jun, FYP 2019
  • Nur Zahwah Bte Asa’ad Sameer Bagharib, FYP 2018
  • Putu Agung Wija Putera, FYP 2017
  • Oscar Fu Shufeng, FYP 2016
  • Tng Jia Qi, FYP 2015
  • Tay Shiong Hung, FYP 2014

Other Internship students trained

  • Bertrand Wong Jern Han, Internship, 2021
  • Ahkshara Sankar, URECA, 2020
  • Aparna Anand, Internship 2019
  • Chen Zhendong, Internship 2015